Carus Sales Manager rewarded by PVA

April 2009

The Passenger Vessel Association have presented Keith Sherwood with the David Clark Excellence in Editorial Award at MariTrends 2009.

“I never thought of my penmanship as being award winning” joked Keith “but I am very proud and flattered by this acknowledgement for an article I provided on how two totally different ferry operations could both use the same core booking software to run their businesses”.

The article, published in the September 2008 edition of the PVA’s monthly magazine Foghorn, focuses on two US clients, Cape May-Lewes Ferry and Hawaii Superferry and how CarRes supports their booking, ticketing, inventory control and port processes.

“PVA is a fantastic organisation and I have enjoyed immensely my association with them over the last decade, so it was a pleasure to provide some input and insight to the vessel members, I certainly did not anticipate being honoured in this way” Keith concludes.

About Carus

Carus entered the ferry solutions market in 1998 with the launch of CarRes its Oracle based booking, ticketing, check-in and administration system for ferry operators geared very much to the specific needs of Baltic operators. In late 2000, Anite acquired Carus.

CarRes is a robust, scalable solution that offers not only fast and efficient processing of bookings for in-house call centres but also facilities distribution via the clients own websites, travel portals and trade partners systems.

Following the buy-back, Carus retains 15 ‘CarRes’ clients in Australia, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, the Netherlands, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States. These clients range in size from the smallest with 10 users to the largest with over 100.

For more information please contact:
Carus Ab Ltd – Anders Rundberg, Managing Director