Ånedin-Linjen change to Carus

June 2012

Baltic Sea ferry operator Ånedin-Linjen chose Carus’ modern booking and ticketing solution CarRes to upgrade system and introduce web sales. After careful evaluation, Ånedin-Linjen opted for CarRes, Carus world leading, modern and market proven booking and ticketing system that is fully integrated for web sales. With CarRes, Ånedin-Linjen will introduce web booking to its customers.

Many ferry operators suffer from old, out-dated booking and ticketing systems that are difficult to administrate and maintain and, more importantly, are not fully integrated with sales over the Internet – a strong market and revenue driver for operators.

Baltic Sea ferry operator Ånedin-Linjen, operating between Stockholm, Sweden, and Mariehamn, Åland Islands, has placed a firm order for Carus booking and ticketing system CarRes. After careful evaluation, the company concluded that CarRes is the best solution to replace their old ticketing and booking systems. The old and out-dated system was difficult to administrate and the cost for maintenance and development had increased sharply due to obsolete techniques. CarRes, a modern and flexible solution, has been specifically developed to handle both simple and complex solutions, to be user-friendly, fully integrated with sales over the Internet and scalable to suit the ferry operator’s needs.

As a new functionality, Carus has built in a restaurant table-booking module where Ånedin-Linjen can book and manage all individual table bookings in the restaurants on board. With the new functionality the bookings can be controlled directly to specific tables in order to optimize the reservations in the restaurants.

“The operator suffered from an obsolete system that were not integrated with the Internet”, said Anders Rundberg, CEO at Carus. “Ånedin-Linjen needed a solution that was modern, user-friendly and fully integrated for web sales as their customers request that service. CarRes offers all this; the solution handles all type of bookings, bookings made by phone, over the Internet, ticket sales on the quay and even table reservations for the restaurants on board. Our long and extensive experience in the industry has built a trust in the market and we are now facing an increased demand for our modern and revenue-increasing solutions.”

Ånedin-Linjen took the system into operation in April and will launch the web booking option during the summer. The tickets can be paid for by credit card over the phone and on Internet.

About Carus PBS

Carus Professional Business Solutions are focused on the passenger shipping industry providing advanced reservations and departure control solutions that are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing operational demands of our clients.

The Carus PBS system, CarRes, is a tried and tested solution that provides the 24/7 reliability required by mission critical applications, especially when delivered as a Managed Service out of our computer centres in Europe and USA.

CarRes is a Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) application designed for call-centre and web sales as well as port operations. In addition to the core functions for booking and check-in Carus PBS provides both the hardware and software for automated check-in and boarding, routines for Customer Relationship Management and Business Intelligence (BI) as well as multiple standard interfaces utilizing web services, SOAP / XML and Unicorn.

For over a decade Carus PBS has been serving a growing client base which includes operators in the Baltic, Europe, the United States, Australia and Africa. Carus PBS clients cover every aspect of the ferry industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.