Færgen steps up resilience with new Carus service

November 2013

Danish ferry operator group Færgen steps up its business continuity plans with hot standby from Carus for Færgen’s mission critical applications.

In a move that characterises their partnership approach to client relationships, Carus and Færgen have signed an agreement that will seem them jointly investing in the infrastructure and technology required to create a true hot-standby disaster recovery environment.

“Carus provide our critical business solution via a managed service that delivers really good performance, reliability and up time far exceeding the criteria stated in our SLA” states Færgen CIO, Ole Lunddahl “but with one departure roughly every 9 minutes and our high levels of automation which include scanners, vehicle automats and passenger turnstiles at 12 of our ports, not to mention round the clock online passenger sales and freight management, we need greater resilience and faster recovery times than the standard Cold Standby could provide in the event of a flood or fire for instance at the primary Carus’ data centre”.

The hot standby solution will see Carus commissioning a second data centre on the Aland Islands with its own independent power and internet circuits feeding a dedicated disaster recovery infrastructure. Data will be constantly replicated between the installations ensuring last transaction recovery in the event of a catastrophic failure.

Carus Hot Standby has been made possible by the latest innovations from Oracle in their replication solutions in combination with Carus’ Best Practise setup of hardware and operating system software. The Hot Standby Option is an add-on for Carus Managed Service customers and can also be delivered as consultancy to license customers with their own computer operations.

Carus CEO, Anders Rundberg comments, “This latest collaboration with Færgen, which was signed during the 38th Annual Interferry Conference in Malta earlier this month, has meant that we can introduce Hot Standby sooner than we had anticipated and means that we are steaming ahead with our plans to introduce the Carus eco-system that will also see us launching our integrated onboard solution early in the new year.”

About Færgen

Originally founded in 1866 the modern Færgen operates eight routes under 5 sub-brand names within Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Their fleet of 13 ferries operate in excess of 59,000 departures every year and they carry over 4.4 million passengers, 1.1 million cars and 900,000 trucks.


About Carus

Carus are totally focused on the passenger shipping industry providing advanced reservations and departure control solutions that are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing operational demands of our clients.

For over a decade Carus have been serving a growing client base (currently standing at 27 user companies) which includes operators throughout the Baltic’s, mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.

The Carus system, CarRes, is a tried and tested solution that provides the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our hosting services.

CarRes is an integrated system designed specifically for passenger vessel operators providing all aspects of booking, ticketing and port processing coupled with a full back office suite covering the marketing, accounting and administration functions.

It is modular and highly configurable and has been designed from the outset to meet the diversity of operational models present within the industry: from passenger-only fast ferry services through to conventional operations catering for passenger and freight vehicles, as well as those operators offering on-board accommodation.