Wasaline chose Carus as new booking system

9 January 2014

As one step in the improvement of the ferry services between Vaasa and Umeå, the ferry operator Wasaline has decided to shift its reservations system to Carus. To cope with the expansion of the operation and the enhancement of customer services, a more flexible solution that could easily be scaled and configured to the right size and the right purpose was required.

Wasaline was set up early last year and a suitable ferry was purchased for the ferry operation between Vaasa and Umeå. The two city councils of Vaasa and Umeå set up a joint company to secure the service which is essential to local industries, inhabitants and regional institutions in the area. The new company operating under the brand Wasaline provides passenger and vehicle transportation, freight transportation, meals, restaurant services and conferences onboard as well as shopping and cruise packages for their customers.

Since the new operation was introduced, the passenger numbers on the route have soared from less than 40,000 passengers per year with the previous operator to more than 100,000 passengers for the first seven months (January-July) of 2013! Wasaline expects to have reached more than 140,000 passengers for the full year. This change puts extra emphasis on having systems that support the operation while growing and developing new services.

“We needed a reliable system, a reliable provider and a reliable partner for developing our ecommerce and IT processes” says Catarina Fant, Director Sales and Marketing of NLC Ferry Ab Oy, the company behind the brand name Wasaline. She continues: “Our goal is to be a part of the infrastructure between Vaasa and Umeå, and a working infrastructure of today includes a modern and reliable IT infrastructure”.

“Wasaline is a good example of a ferry operator of today which is not focusing on the problems of the ferry industry, but on the market opportunities and reaching the full potential of their business. We are very happy for their success in revamping the ferry services in the area, and very much look forward to working with them in improving their IT infrastructure” says Anders Rundberg, CEO of Carus.

About Wasaline

Wasaline is the brand name of the company NLC Ferry Ab Oy who operates ms. Wasa Express between the cities of Vaasa and Umeå. The service provides a shortcut over the Gulf of Bothnia and this saves several hundred kilometers by car. The crossing takes 4 hours. The company is owned 50/50 by the city councils of Vaasa and Umeå.

About Carus

Carus are totally focused on the passenger shipping industry providing advanced reservations and departure control solutions that are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing operational demands of our clients.

For over a decade Carus have been serving a growing client base (currently standing at 27 user companies) which includes operators throughout the Baltics, mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.

The Carus system, CarRes, is a tried and tested solution that provides the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our hosting services.

CarRes is an integrated system designed specifically for passenger vessel operators providing all aspects of booking, ticketing and port processing coupled with a full back office suite covering the marketing, accounting and administration functions.

It is modular and highly configurable and has been designed from the outset to meet the diversity of operational models present within the industry: from passenger-only fast ferry services through to conventional operations catering for passenger and freight vehicles, as well as those operators offering on-board accommodation.