World’s longest ferry route operator chooses Carus

8 January 2015

Alaska Marine Highway System set for 2015 launch

CARUS, the passenger shipping industry’s IT solutions specialist, has been awarded the contract to provide the booking, ticketing, departure control and attendant administrative functions for the Alaska Marine Highway System (AMHS), consolidating Carus’ expansion in the North American market.

The contract, awarded in recognition of Carus’ proven ability to deliver a reliable, 24/7 solution around AMHS’s complex ferry network, will commence in 2015.

At the recent Carus User Group conference hosted by fellow clients DRBA in Cape May, AMHS Project Director Matt McLaren stated “We selected Carus and the Carus Reservation solution because we felt the Carus team understood our system and could provide us with valuable input to our future plans while providing a well establish solution that is being used successfully both in US and around the world. We intend to adopt the established best practices from the varied Carus client base to take full advantage of the enormous functionality within the standard Carus Reservation solution”.

Carus will establish an office in North America and recruit local personnel who understand the market and its nuances, to work alongside the Carus team of experts assigned to the contract.

Carus CEO Anders Rundberg says “Carus will be deploying our standard solution for the Alaska Marine Highway System providing software and hardware solutions for booking, check-in, self-service, CRM and business information tools. It’s a very complex operation in terms of the route network and the remoteness of some of the terminals but Carus specializes in simplifying the IT in complexITy!”

The Alaska Marine Highway is a state-owned ferry system that operates a fleet of eleven vessels along a scenic 3,500-mile route from Washington State to the Aleutian Islands. It provides economical, year-round transportation for the residents of 35 port communities and is also a valuable tourism product. Many of the communities throughout Alaska are not accessible by road, making the ferries of the Alaska Marine Highway a crucial part of the transportation system where the residents rely on it for medical services, food, supplies and participation in community events. Summer tourists have discovered that the AMHS offers a unique brush with nature with a relaxed alternative to conventional cruising, with options such as traveling with a vehicle and easy port stops along the way.

Anders Rundberg: “Carus already operates in the USA but this AMHS contract is a major step forward in our US expansion programme and signifies the intent of Carus to become a major player in the North American market. Our commitment to this region is demonstrated by the new North America support office that is being established.”
Showing further commitment to North America Carus has also launched Carus Executive Consulting, a new initiative offering ferry companies hands-on expertise from ten international, highly experienced senior executives from every discipline within passenger vessel management, including US consultant Bruce Nierenberg.

Anders Rundberg founded Carus in 1997 and the company currently has clients across four continents and these clients carry between them more than thirty million passengers and five million vehicles per annum. Carus is totally focused on the passenger vessel industry, providing advanced reservations and departure control solutions that are constantly evolving to meet the ever-changing operational demands of their clients. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry, operating virtually every type of vessel proving the solutions versatility.


About Alaska Marine Highway System
The Alaska Marine Highway System has been operating year-round since 1963, with regularly scheduled passenger and vehicle service to 33 communities in Alaska, plus Bellingham, Washington, and Prince Rupert, British Columbia. There are currently eleven vessels in the AMHS fleet, additional ferries have been planned.

During the past ten years the Alaska Marine Highway System has carried an average of 312,000 passengers and 98,000 vehicles per year.

About Carus
Carus are totally focused on the passenger shipping industry providing advanced reservations and departure control solutions that are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing operational demands of our clients.
For over a decade Carus have been serving a growing client base which includes operators throughout the Baltic’s, mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.
The Carus Reservation System, is a tried and tested solution that provides the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our hosting services.
Carus Reservation System is an integrated system designed specifically for passenger vessel operators providing all aspects of booking, ticketing and port processing coupled with a full back office suite covering the marketing, accounting and administration functions.

It is modular and highly configurable and has been designed from the outset to meet the diversity of operational models present within the industry: from passenger-only fast ferry services through to conventional operations catering for passenger and freight vehicles, as well as those operators offering on-board accommodation.