Carus shows strong growth and acquires two companies

24 AUG 2015

Carus, the Finnish global leading supplier of consumer facing software for the ferry industry continues to grow rapidly and has purchased Quintek Systems in England and MNC Marine in Finland.

Carus has grown rapidly and steadily and has now firmly established itself as the leading supplier of all consumer facing systems for the global ferry industry.

Carus has in a short time acquired two businesses whose products will be part of Carus’ systems platform giving its clients new integrated solutions that will further enhance the traveller experience providing new opportunities for the operators to raise their level of service.

With the purchase of the retail specialist Quintek Systems,, Carus establishes itself in the United Kingdom with two offices, in London and Leeds, and opens a new business unit Carus Retail. Quintek Systems solution for restaurants, shops and bars has already been integrated into Carus’ systems platform and are live with the first client Wightlink, with further installations in progress.

“I’m delighted that we now are able to establish the new business unit Carus Retail and at the same time get a presence in England in addition to the newly opened office in Seattle, USA”, says Carus’ CEO Anders Rundberg. He continues “We can now offer an integrated solution with focus on the traveller and consumer. This will allow our clients to create new products and increase their level of service while they, at the same time, can reduce the complexity of their operational IT systems”.

Carus has also purchased MNC Marine (, a Mariehamn Finland based specialist in communications and Infotainment solutions at sea. MNCs services and products will be integrated with Carus’ systems platform to create new and enhanced services on-board that have previously been broadly unavailable to the ferry industry.

“We are expanding rapidly and with these acquisitions we will reach a revenue of more than 10 million euros in 2015, an increase with of 70% from 2014. The demand for our products are strong and we have recruited heavily during the last year, our ambition is to show a continued strong growth” states Anders Rundberg.

To support the expansion Carus has strengthened its management team. Simon Johnson, former passenger services director for P&O, has joined Carus to lead the ferry organisation as President for the business unit Carus Ferry. Quintek Systems CEO John Burness will be President for the new division Carus Retail. In addition to that Anders Mattsson has joined Carus as Chief Financial Officer, the same position he held at Nordkalk, northern Europe’s leading supplier of Limestone products. Inka Huttunen, Chief Client Officer and Chief People Officer, and Sten Borenius, President for Carus Tech, both continue as members of the management team.

About Carus

Carus are totally focused on the travel and passenger shipping industry providing advanced Information Technology solutions focusing on the end consumer. The solutions are constantly evolving to meet the ever changing operational demands of its clients.

For over a decade Carus have been serving a growing client base of ferry operators which includes operators throughout the Baltic’s, mainland Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.

The Carus system, CarRes, is a tried and tested solution that provides the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our hosting services.

CarRes is an integrated system designed specifically for passenger vessel operators providing all aspects of booking, ticketing, port processing and on-board services coupled with a full back office suite covering the marketing, accounting and administration functions.

It is modular and highly configurable and has been designed from the outset to meet the diversity of operational models present within the industry: from passenger-only fast ferry services through to conventional operations catering for passenger and freight vehicles, as well as those operators offering on-board accommodation.