Carus Cup 2014

The winners of the Carus Cup 2014 in the INTERFERRY Golf Tournament, held in Vancouver are:

  • Günther Becker
  • Mika Corrigan
  • Shari Corrigan
  • David Antoniazzi


Carus Cup 2013

The winners of the Carus Cup 2013 in the INTERFERRY Golf Tournament are:

  • John Steen-Mikkelsen
  • Mark Barra
  • Mark MacDonald
  • Gordon Ross


And some more photos from the awards ceremonies:


Carus Cup 2012

The winners of the inaugural INTERFERRY Golf Tournament, Carus Cup 2012, are the team of:

  • Jan-Eric Nilsson
  • Kim Cleggett
  • Kerry Spence
  • Gunther Becker

Presenting the trophy in Dubai, UAE, Anders Rundberg, CEO of Carus.