Use technology to automate processes

Carus can offer advanced routines and equipment for automation of the booking, check-in and boarding processes. This includes fully automated check-in for both foot and car passengers.

Imagine being able to have all check-in lanes open year round for both foot passengers and vehicles while at the same time being able to minimize the number of staff in check-in. It might sound too good to be true, but the technology exists and has been live with different companies for several years and proven to be very robust and reliable. There are even ports with all lanes automated which is made possible by the advanced control center solution.

In addition to the physical gates and the software for automatic check-in and boarding handhelds can be used and it is even possible to amend a booking in the automat or on the handheld. The automated check-in and boarding can be used for pre-booked as well as go-show customers.

Additional functions that are available includes lane allocation, camera supervision, number plate recognition, electronic passes, finger print identification and automated vehicle height control, checking that a vehicle height matched the vehicle type booked .