Make your systems talk

CarRes is specifically designed for ease of integration with external services and systems, a so called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), using a built in SOAP/XML integration layer. In addition to this a multitude of external providers of, for instance distribution channels (GDS), credit card authorization and insurance have certified native gateways.

Distribution channels (GDS) is integrated through native gateways or the UNICORN standard EDI interface, which is used GDS’ like START, Merlin and Amadeus Ferry. Other distribution channels are Pharos and crsForth.

For Destination Management there is an interface to Visit Technologys Citybreak system available.

Multiple Payment Service providers, like Verisign, are available with native interfaces.

Native interfaces for production of cabin keys are available for multiple suppliers as well as insurance companies and other third party suppliers. Please contact us for more details about our integration gateways.