Be in control of your payments

CarRes supports a wide range of ticketing options, including:

  • e-tickets and ticketless travel
  • RFID contactless chip cards
  • magnetic stripe cards
  • bar coded paper tickets
  • traditional perforated multi part paper tickets

In addition to travel tickets, vouchers and value coupons can be printed for additional services, both on-board and for arrangements booked ashore.

CarRes provides financial control over the printing of a ticket so that, with the exception of bookings made by appointed credit agents, tickets cannot be printed until a booking has been fully paid.

There is also extensive functionality providing flexible payment options and rigorous payment reconciliation procedures for all booking and ticket sales. Different currencies and modes of payment are configurable to match those that you accept and several different payments can be made to the same booking, using different currencies and means of payment.

CarRes is integrated with multiple payment authorization services for credit and debit card payments and is PCI compliant being certified to PCI-level 3 with Trustware.

Trusted Commerce

CarRes also supports the production of boarding cards for the full range of services booked, including the optional facility to produce magnetic or RFID encoded cabin entry key cards.

Stored Value Cards, such as Multi-Trip tickets, Gift Vouchers and Discount Cards can also be sold and their usage managed within CarRes, providing great customer service and another potential income stream.

The layout and content of tickets, vouchers and boarding cards can be controlled by the ferry operator, providing both flexibility and the opportunity to incorporate advisory and marketing text in the documents’ design.