Why consultants from Carus?

With the global spread of the passenger vessel industry it can be a challenge to find the right expertise locally to suit the very specialised tasks and roles involved in running a successful ferry organisation.

Using our position in the industry we have recruited some of the industry’s most respected senior executives to join our consulting service and we will work with you to match the right skills to your maritime problem. Our consultants are available for short, medium and longer term projects to suit your requirements.

By using our consultants you will benefit from:

  • International experience
  • Best industry practices
  • Project management skills and expertise
  • Budgeting and fiscal monitoring experience
  • Commercial expertise for onboard and landside services
  • Pricing and Revenue management
  • Technical and design expertise for new builds, refits and maintenance

Download a pdf of the Craus Executive Consulting leaflet>>

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Our Ferry Consultants

We have drawn together a team of ten highly experienced executives from every discipline within passenger vessel management, giving you the opportunity to source any or all roles that you may require in your management team either for a short term project or longer assignments.

We can provide help for your Management Team by providing hands-on experience in areas such as: the CEO, COO, CTO, CIO, CFO, CCO, CSO and HR.

Being a consultant in the Carus Executive Consultancy team means focusing efficiency in ferry operations, with value and profitability for the client being the controlling factors. Our consultants are experts in business processes, finance, commercial delivery and technology for ferry shipping. Our consultants work with management consulting, project management, administration and process change, having many years of experience and a close and trusted relationship with our clients.
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