Don’t spend your time on IT maintenance

Managing the daily operations of a mission critical system like a reservation and check-in system requires specific competence in order to guarantee high availability and good performance. Managed Service means that Carus takes responsibility for the system management and hardware, either at the customers location or out of one of our computer centers, giving the customer opportunity to fully concentrate the resources on running their business and delivering service to their customers.

The most popular option for Managed Service is to install the system in one of Carus´ computer centers, located in USA and in Europe, providing the power of Carus software as fully hosted Managed Service to North and Central America as well as Europe and North Africa with the users connecting via the Internet.

The Managed Service concept includes Carus taking full responsibility for the central hardware and communications as well as systems availability, maintenance and upgrades thus reducing the need for the customer to employ specialized IT professionals.

The Managed Service concept “stretches” from full Managed Service, where Carus owns and manages everything to Housing where the customer owns the hardware and the system located in Carus’ computer center but managed by the customer himself. Any alternative between this can be agreed in order to find the solution with the best fit for the customer.

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Sten Borenius

Managing Director Carus Tech Ab

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