The company

Carus is totally focused on delivering innovative cutting edge solutions to the passenger shipping industry. Our head office is located in Finland on the Åland Islands, the center of the northern Baltic ferry traffic.

WP_20130531_003Carus has been supplying reservation and check-in systems, managed services and e-commerce applications to the cruise and ferry industry since 1999 when the first version of Carus’ CarRes system was installed. Today CarRes is in use around Europe, in North America, Australia as well as Africa. Many customers have chosen to use our Managed Services option with the system being provided out of our computer centers in Europe and USA.

Our staff is experienced professionals with in depth knowledge about information technology as well as the passenger shipping industry.

The solutions are tested and have proven functionality, flexibility, scalability and 24/7 reliability being designed for mission critical operations ranging from the smallest operation with a handful of users, to very large installations with several hundred concurrent users.

All customers are using the same application source code, which is just set up to meet different customer requirements in order to support pure passenger operations, Hi-Speed, RoRo, RoPax, Conventional Ferry and Cruise operations. The single application source code secures the customers investment, as new versions of the application are made available to all customers as part of the maintenance agreement.