Carus Excellence Awards in Spain

Carus welcomes since 2012 its Carus Excellence Awards in Spain. Ceremony takes place in the gardens of the Hotel Ritz Madrid (now Hotel Wellington Madrid) in the month of June each year to coincide with the General Assembly of the Spanish Shipowners’ Association ANAVE, of which Carus is an Associate Member and Sponsor.

This award is intended solely to highlight the Excellence and Dedication to the maritime sector, and is awarded to the most outstanding professionals in this regard. Previous editions of the Carus Excellence were awarded to the President of ECSA and SUARDIAZ Group, Mr. Juan Riva, and to the President of BALEARIA Group, Mr. Adolfo Utor. The Carus edition of the Excellence Award 2014 went to the Director General of Spanish Merchant Marine, Mr. Rafael Rodriguez Valero. And the latest Carus Excellence Award went to: Mr. Vicente Boluda —President of Boluda Corporation and Carus Excellence AWARD 2015; Mr. Emanuele Grimaldi —CEO of GRIMALDI Group and Carus Excellence Award 2016; Mr. Luis Miguel Sousa —CEO of SOUSA Group and Carus Excellence Award 2017; D. Antonio Armas —President of Naviera ARMAS and TRASMEDITERRANEA, and Carus Excellence Award 2018; Mr. Mike Corrigan —CEO of Interferry and Carus Excellence Award 2019; Mr. Nils Erik Eklund —Member of the Board of Directors of Viking Line and of Interferry, and Carus Excellence Award 2020; and Mr. Alejandro Aznar —President of the Ibaizabal Group, and Carus Excellence Award 2021.

Carus Excellence
Award 2021

The Spanish Shipowners’ Association, ANAVE, will hold its annual General Assembly on 20 of July 2021, with a cocktail event and a gala lunch at the Hotel Wellington, Madrid. The event is co-sponsored by Carus, an ANAVE associate member, and will be attended by the Spanish shipowners as well as maritime and port authorities. There will also be a representation of European maritime delegates, and the Spanish Ministry for Transport will close the assembly. The Carus Excellence Award 2021 will be presented, and this year's recipient, nominated unanimously by the board of Carus Spain: Alejandro Aznar, President of the Ibaizabal Group, and outgoing President of ANAVE.

Hotel Wellington Madrid, July 20, 2021
11.00-12.15 h.
ANAVE Board Meeting (Members only)
12.30-13.15 h.
ANAVE General Assembly (Members only)
13.15-14.00 h.
Cocktail (By invitation only)
14.00-14.15 h.
Carus Excellence Award Ceremony —2021 Edition
Awarded: Alejandro Aznar
14.15 h.
Gala Lunch (By invitation only)
Closing Luncheon —Speeches:
President of ANAVE —Alejandro Aznar
Spanish Ministry for Transport —Mrs. Raquel Sánchez


Alejandro Aznar

Carus Excellence Award —2021 Edition, presented each year at the General Assembly of the Spanish Shipowners' Association (ANAVE), Madrid.

Edition 2021


Ceremony of Carus Excellence Award 2021 to Alejandro Aznar President of Ibaizabal Group and outgoing president of ANAVE, during the Spanish Shipowners’ Association General Assembly -Hotel Wellington Madrid, July 20, 2021.

Alejandro Aznar 

Carus Excellence Award 2021 to Alejandro Aznar —President IBAIZABAL Group, for his Excellency in the dedication and contribution to the Spanish and European maritime industry.

Jose Rodriguez —Carus Spain Representative, during the delivery of the Award to Alejandro Aznar.

Mrs. Raquel Sánchez —Spanish Minister for Transport.

Alejandro Aznar, President of Ibaizabal Group and outgoing president of ANAVE.

Jose Rodríguez with the Carus guests, in the Carus tables: Ettore Morace —CEO Trasmed Grimaldi, Christophe Mathieu —President of Brittany Ferries, Marcos Marí Washbourne —President of TRASMAPI and co-owner and Vicepresident of the INSOTEL Group, and Matteo Catani —CEO GNV.

And Matteo De Candia —Freight Director of GNV, Rafael Cardona —General Director of TRASMAPI, Mario Massarotti —CEO of Grimaldi Spain, and Matteo Della Valle —Passenger Director of GNV.

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