About the Company

Our Vision

Carus provides vocational, responsive service and expertise to enable our customers and partners to grow and succeed in our industry


Our mission is to establish and develop actions and policies based on excellence, service, efficiency and innovation. Through continuous analysis we strive to be efficient and innovative when dealing with our customers and staff, and responsibly apply our expertise to ensure the ongoing strategic development of the transportation sector.


To increase the value of Carus to both our customers and our investors through constant improvement in customer satisfaction, professional development and personal growth of our staff, and commitment to society, in a comprehensive and indispensable framework of respect for social and ethical values.


Supported by the following:

> The right people with the best industry expertise and technological experience;
> Excellence in services and management;
> Establishment of long-term relationships with our customers, staff, and partners.

Our History

The history of Carus is also that of its founder and his collaborators, who have made it possible that, after twenty years of history, Carus is currently the world leader in its segment.

  • DECEMBER 1998

    Carus was founded in late 1998 by Anders Rundberg, who developed a new standard system for booking and check-in for the cruise and ferry industry

  • DECEMBER 1999

    The system went live with its first customer

  • NOVEMBER 2001

    The company is acquired by Anite Group plc, listed on the London Stock exchange.

  • FEBRUARY 2008

    Carus was reacquired from Anite in a management buyout and continues to trade under its original name. Carus has since become one of the leading suppliers of standard systems for booking and automated departure control in the global ferry business.

Meet our Team

All Carus projects are supported by a range of professional services delivered by staff with a wealth of experience in the industry. These include consultants, project managers, implementers and trainers, all of whom have years of hands on experience in the transportation world.

Worldwide, we serve over 33 million passengers, 5 million vehicles and over a million cargo units annually.