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April 2020


Lobo Marinho - Porto Santo Line

Porto Santo Lines takes reservations and check-in to a new level with Carus.

The most advanced maritime booking solution, CarRes, is now live on the Porto Santo Line, providing their clients with an even better travel experience.

The CarRes solution combines online and agent booking with passenger and vehicle check-in for seamless travelling.
The roll-out of the CarRes system to yet another Atlantic island proves the solution is adaptable to many types of operation and is stable and reliable enough to support a lifeline service”.
- John Bertell, Director of sales, Carus.
We chose the CarRes solution by Carus because we were certain that it would meet the high quality standards that Porto Santo Line strives to achieve every day on a line that is characterized not only by tourism, but also for a public service for our residents within the same system, despite being very different processes, provides huge benefits across Porto Santo Line’s organisation. CarRes has been designed from Managing freight and passenger traffic the outset to do just that, without compromising either process". - Rui Gouveia, General Manager, Porto Santo Line.
The partnership between Porto Santo Line and Torre Praia Hotels, Praia Dourada and Luamar Aparthotel in Porto Santo, allows several promotional packages, designed to enhance the island experience. Using CarRes all these packages are bookable through the online and agent-booking portal.
All the users are very happy with how quick and easy it is to make bookings and sell tickets”. - Manuel Cardoso, Business Intelligence Executive, Porto Santo Line.
The go-live was an excellent experience, we had great support from the Carus team”. - Rui Gouveia, General Manager, Porto Santo Line.

About Porto Santo Line

Since 1996 the Port Santo Line has operated the maritime line between the island of Madeira and the island of Porto Santo.

Porto Santo island lies approximately 70km from the island of Madeira in the Atlantic Ocean. Porto Santo Line has operated the route between the two islands since 1996. Their first ship, Lobo Marinho was replaced by a new vessel of the same name in 2003. As well as ferrying tourists, Porto Santo Line provides transport for goods and services for residents of the island. The company transports passengers, vehicles and freight and their products include cruises, tours and package holidays.

About Carus -the Experts in Happy Travelling

The Carus team consists of 150 experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals employed across the world. Our main focus is to enable our clients to give their customers the absolute best experience, not only onboard but also in the port.

Carus is totally focused on the passenger and freight shipping industry providing advanced reservations, ticketing and port automation solutions that are evolving constantly to meet the ever-changing operational demands of our clients. Our clients include operators throughout the Baltic, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes.

Carus systems are tried and tested solutions that provide the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our managed services

For more information please contact:
Anders Rundberg, CEO of CARUS