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Carus Onboard makes the everyday easier. With over 25 years’ experience in the passenger ferry industry, our retail and electronic point of sale systems help large corporations and smaller cruise operators to continually meet their business requirements, providing a clear return on investment and tangible benefits.

By listening to our customers, we keep their best interests in mind, working with them to develop long term relationships. Together, we ensure that their on-board systems: enhance and improve the customer experience; boost gross margins and profits; evolve with the business need; and provide real-time intelligence to feed and speed decision making.

With Carus On Board technology, operators can build better relationships with their customers by fully understanding their shopping behaviour – before, during and after their journey. Efficiencies can be improved from the warehouse to on-board outlets, by adapting products quickly based on customer trends, preferences and expectations.

Features and benefits

Key touch points

Point of sale application

No matter what size your operation, running a successful business comes down to controlling costs and delivering a great experience. Having a flexible point of sale system will help keep your business running, your reports accurate and your customers happy. Our proven POS solutions are used by thousands of customers, of all shapes and sizes. The multi-functional solution, gives operators the tools they need to boost sales, manage promotions and increase the pace of service. Staff can use the POS solution to enter orders and payments, streamline food preparation and delivery, and improve operations.

Other key features include:

  • Taking orders and collecting payments directly at the table or in the cabin, through tableside ordering and personal shopper capabilities.
  • Empowering restaurant managers to build customer loyalty and improve efficiencies, by recognising repeat visitors and seating guests promptly, as well as using real-time analytics on server performance and productivity to enhance service provision.
  • Dynamic menu layout options, to increase the speed of service and enable targeted sales and promotions.
  • Self-service options to meet customer demands.
  • Card processing payment solutions, including contactless, ApplePay, AndroidPay

Mobile capabilities

What if you could offer your customers the option to have their own personal POS in their pocket, so they can easily place their order anywhere, at any time? Our mobile and online ordering solution makes it simple for your customers to do just that – make a retail purchase without the wait, or to even pre-order.

Our hosted online application provides customers with instant access to menus and pricing, and transmits orders electronically to desired locations – helping to ultimately drive revenues. The mobile online ordering capability integrates directly with your on-board POS system, ensuring that customer transactions are fast and accurate.

Using a single, integrated system also increases kitchen efficiency and order accuracy. Managers can monitor orders simultaneously, to deliver a superior customer experience that extends beyond the ferry walls.


Digital signage

Whether on shore and/or on board, digital signage makes it easy for you to deliver fresh, eye-catching content. The Carus tool is available in a wide variety of sizes and formats for use as digital menu boards, advertising, promotions and ticketing. It enables you to connect with customers by providing instant information and offers that are targeted to their current needs. New marketing offers can be created and deployed within minutes, to enable a quick response to changing market trends. High quality LCD screens make your messages colourful and even more memorable.

Kitchen screen management

No matter how good your service or location, the quality of the food you serve and how long it takes to get it, will always be key talking points for customers and pivotal for return visits. The reputation of your business relies on the ability to continually keep high standards of food production. Our kitchen production software and hardware helps maximise guest satisfaction, reduce staff costs, minimise kitchen errors and reduce food waste. With its bright graphical displays, robust reporting capabilities and quote time calculators, the Carus kitchen functionality provides better analysis, enhanced organisation of items and controlled timing functionality. It also seamlessly integrates with additional functionality within the POS, such as guest management.

Passenger Traveller Insight


New customers and a steady stream of regulars, such as drivers, are key to successful business growth. With customisable reward programs, our solution helps you quickly design, rollout and manage marketing services that attract new customers and keep your regulars coming back.

Many successful operators are turning to electronic frequency and loyalty programmes to deliver targeted rewards and incentives that stimulate repeat business and increase spend on-board. With loyalty and stored value, you can easily manage distribution and redemption of promotions and loyalty offering across multiple locations.


Customer relations manager

Keeping customers engaged and facilitating long term relationships is a core part of the Carus offering. The On Board solution enables operators to offer an additional layer of service to their customers including personal shopper options and the ability to pre-order retail goods. Purchases made on-board can also be delivered to the vehicle or port side depending upon customer preference.

Back office features


Want to have insight into the health of your business anywhere you go? View sales from the previous day with one swipe on your mobile device? Run real-time sales reports to help make accurate business decisions and plan forecasts?

With information automatically collected from your POS system, Carus On Board provides real-time visibility and instant access to performance and information such as net sales by hour, employee working hours and inventory levels. With this insight, operators can increase profitability and grow their business.

Removing the legwork of manually managing employee, inventory and sales performance, operators can spend more time connecting with their employees, focusing on the customer experience and business growth.

This powerful tool provides critical capabilities such as drilldown viewer options for fast, high-level to granular examination of data, real-time reporting and data replication for local data warehousing and exports to accounting, payroll and HR systems.

Inventory management

The Carus inventory management functionality enables you to track sales, inventory, purchases and other expenses, as well as predict your theoretical usage and food cost. The solution also supports contract pricing, streamlines communication with suppliers and provides accurate forecasting tools to predict future sales, product mixes and guest counts.

Stock management helps you take control of one of your biggest costs: food. This back-office application provides the analytics that ferry operators need to assess spending, support contract pricing and streamline communications with suppliers.


Loss prevention

Identifying possible theft or suspicious activity can save you money, but it’s impossible to monitor every transaction yourself. Our audit and theft control systems help you prevent theft by tracking activity and providing managers with the tools and insights they need to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls. Tracking this type of activity can also help you rank your highest and lowest performing servers so you can motivate your staff to deliver quality service.

The software uses the power of artificial intelligence and POS transactional data to provide executives and managers with the insights needed to identify and mitigate losses proactively, while strengthening internal controls.

Labour management

Cutting down on costs in high spend areas of your business, like staffing, is an important focus. Financial stability can be severely impacted without detailed insight into total staff working hours. Understanding the relevance of these costs and how you can use this information can help run a more profitable business. The Carus labour feature provides operators with the tools they need to manage staffing.

Ferry manager

The ferry manager module helps manage the complexities of ferry routes and individual legs which have their own, defined control reporting, price levels, retail offering (food, drink and shop), campaigns and VAT rates. All stock control and site control reports can be produced by leg or route.


Working with our hardware suppliers, we design, develop and manufacture our own POS product range, producing state of the art POS equipment from all-in-one terminals to tablets, to suit the demanding retail and hospitality environments within the marine and shipping industry.

The Touch POS range combines maximum connectivity and simplified cable management with an ultra-small footprint in one high quality, yet affordable, unit.

Other hardware options include:

  • Handheld terminals for inventory routines
  • Mobile POS terminals
  • POS peripherals
  • Rear display screen
  • Kitchen display screens
  • Servers and desktop machines

Full hardware specification and operating systems can be supplied on request.

Onboard entertainment

Passengers expect to be able to access all forms of entertainment at any time, whether on land or at sea.

The Carus entertainment solution enables our customers to provide IPTV with no restrictions and the ability for their guests to watch TV and movies directly on laptops, PCs, tablets, SmartPhones or cabin TV.

By simply connecting to the ships wireless network, travellers can access the onboard entertainment without the need for any complicated installations that require additional support.

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