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Each port has its own unique challenges and objectives. For some, the key is processing passengers (those in vehicles and on foot) onto the vessel as quickly as possible to avoid congestion. For others, achieving the optimal dwell time for passengers to enjoy the various catering services and retail outlets is of paramount importance.

Features and benefits

Port Automation

Very often, port logistics will dictate the level of automation and determine if it comes in the form of hard infrastructure, such as vehicle barriers and passenger gates, or of a more mobile variety such as handheld wireless scanners. Whatever the situation and mix of requirements, Carus can provide the solution.

The CarRes Departure Control suite provides a variety of productivity and efficiency tools that will help make every departure smooth sailing. With a choice of single or two stage check-in, parking lane allocation based on vehicle type and booking status, support for barcode, QR Code, map-stripe and RFID boarding cards that can also be coded as cabin keys, and the intelligence to move passengers to earlier sailings when space permits, these tools adapt perfectly to every scenario.

For smaller operations, the CarRes Digital Manifest enables the entire check-in and boarding process – including selling those last-minute tickets – to be handled by the vessel crew using laptops or tablets. This can provide significant cost savings especially for early morning and late evening departures where it doesn’t make sense to staff the ticket desks and check-in booths.

Port Information

With the Port Information module from Carus, operators can be sure their passengers are kept well informed and clearly directed on their approach to, and passage through, the port.

By generating clear and effective customer communications – via display terminals, roadside signs and the internet – the Carus Port Information module improves staff efficiency by proactively giving customers the information they need when they need it, via the most appropriate channel. With the majority of messages automated, a single traffic controller can manage multiple departures from multiple ports further improving staff productivity.

Freight Tracking

Keeping tabs on drop trailers as they enter the port, making sure they are left in the correct bay and then orchestrating their loading, unloading and collection is all taken care of by the CarRes Cargo Loading App.

It is designed to run on rugged tablets installed in the cabs of the loading tugs, and via the booking status in CarRes, drivers are directed to the appropriate bay to pick up and load each trailer. The manifest and the shipper are then automatically updated so that they know their load is on its way. On arrival, the reverse process is applied to unload the unit and advise the collecting haulier that their load is ready and which bay they can collect it from.

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