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May 2020

Smyril Lines, MS Norröna, chooses Carus as its partner in happy travelling!

Smyril line wants the best for their business and that’s why they have chosen Carus as their partner in happy travelling.

Carus is proud to announce that Smyril line has chosen Carus to deliver online booking and check-in. Smyril is currently looking into Carus onboard point of sale for their ship M/S Norröna. Smyril line is replacing its inhouse system and sees the direct advantages of moving to a standard solution that is constantly evolving rather than having to develop everything themselves.
After comparing solutions on the market and having visited several ferry operators with similar operations to our own, we could clearly see that the Carus offering would be the best fit for us. Carus solutions for cruise and multi-leg operations convinced us that we will receive the system support we need to continue and increase our business." - Runi Vang Poulsen, CEO, Smyril line.
One of the main reasons for choosing Carus as a long term partner for our reservation system is their perspective on customer centric solutions, where they see IT solutions as an Integral part of the traveler journey and are able to provide solutions not only for ticket sales and reservations, but a full sales solution including onboard sales." - Eyðun Hentze Højgaard, Director of Digital Business and IT, Smyril line.
We at Carus strive to deliver an integrated solution where all systems communicate to provide a seamless traveler experience." - John Bertell, Director of sales, Carus.
Carus makes it possible to use one supplier for everything; from online bookings, travel app and port automation to point of sale. This is not only important for the company but also for the end-users (customers), providing them a smooth and seamless journey throughout all customer facing applications.
After a trip to the Åland Island where we met the Carus team we clearly saw that they provided the best solution for us." - Eyðun Hentze Højgaard, Director of Digital Business and IT, Smyril line.
We welcome Smyril Line to the Carus family." - Anders Runberg, CEO, Carus.

About Smyril Lines 
Smyril Line was established in 1982 and has become a reputable shipping company linking the North Atlantic and continental Europe. Since 2003 the M/S Norröna has been servicing the route. It has a capacity of 1,482 passengers and 800 cars. Smyril Line's Headquarters are in Tórshavn in the Faroe Islands and they have offices in Iceland, Germany and Denmark. Smyril Line also co-operates with agents throughout Europe and the rest of the world.
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About Carus - the experts in happy travelling 
The Carus team consists of 150 experienced and knowledgeable industry professionals employed across the world. Our main focus is to enable our clients to give their customers the absolute best experience, not only onboard but also in the port. Carus is totally focused on the passenger and freight shipping industry providing advanced reservations, ticketing and port automation solutions that are evolving constantly to meet the ever-changing operational demands of our clients. Our clients include operators throughout the Baltic, Europe, the United Kingdom, the United States, Africa and Australia. Carus clients cover every aspect of the passenger vessel industry and operate virtually every type of vessel proving the versatility and flexibility of CarRes. Carus systems are tried and tested solutions that provide the 24/7 reliability required of mission critical applications especially when delivered via our managed services
For more information please contact:
Anders Rundberg, CEO of CARUS